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Influenced by my surroundings I love the Blue Mountains as well as the surrounding rainforests and coastlines outside of Sydney.

I studied at Sydney College of the Arts in Sydney and completed a Bachelor of Visual Art and a Post-Graduate Diploma in Painting. Since graduating in 1987, I have been involved in many shows and continue to work with paint and using a variety of media – often incorporating drawing and also printmaking and stencilling or pochoir techniques.

I like to explore the idea of memories, sentimentality and nostalgia using everyday images which are often personal symbols. I love colour and texture and try to use both in my work. My work is often small in scale as this suits my themes of intimacy and sharing the personal experiences of life which connect us all.

I am inspired by organic forms in nature as well as the Arts and Crafts and Art Nouveau movements so I tend towards work which is rustic and linear and colours which can also be decorative.

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